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From a young age Jared has had a passion for all things
related to photography. For his Bar Mitzvah he received
the first still camera he ever owned, a Nikon F-401X,
and he hasn't stopped taking photos since.

A fan of the movies from a young age, Jared graduated
in 2002 from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia
with a B.F.A. in Film and Video Production.

Perfectly combining his loves of film and photography,
Jared is
L.A. Weekly's expert on filming locations,
turning his lens onto some of the most famous spots
seen in movies.

Jared specializes in portrait and location photography
and his work has been published in print and online,
domestically and internationally. He has worked in
the film industry in New York and continues to work in
L.A. as a director of photography and cameraman for
TV network documentaries.


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