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From a young age Jared has had a passion for all things
related to photography. For his Bar Mitzvah he received
the first still camera he ever owned, a Nikon F-401X,
and he hasn't stopped taking photos since.

A fan of the movies from a young age, Jared graduated
in 2002 from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia
with a B.F.A. in Film and Video Production. He has
worked in the film industry in New York and continues
to work in L.A. as a director of photography and
cameraman for TV network documentaries.

Perfectly combining his loves of film and photography,
Jared has both written and shot extensively on the
subject of filming locations for publications such as
Los Angeles Magazine, LA Weekly, and L.A. Taco.
Additionally, he's interviewed dozens well-known
directors, screenwriters, production designers, and
location managers.

His work has been published in print and online,
domestically and internationally. In 2017, he was
nominated by the Los
Angeles Press Club for a National
Arts & Entertainment Journalism Award for his article,
"From E.T. to Stranger Things, an Oral History of
Kids Cursing on Screen."

Jared also podcasts about filming locations on his
own show,
On Location with Jared Cowan, in which
he interviews filmmakers about the locations from
their movies. The episodes are not recorded in a studio;
they are recorded on-site at the actual locations.


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